Magpie wins Australian bird of the year poll – live

It’s time. After three weeks, one automated voting scandal, several social media campaigns and 149,848 votes, we will finally learn who the public has chosen to be Australia’s 2017 bird of the year.

Nick Evershed 🦃 (@NickEvershed)

seeing some fairly suss voting activity on the powerful owl front 😬

November 20, 2017

Thank you for joining us at this early hour. There’s an opening here to talk about early birds and worms but that kind of frippery would imply this is anything but serious, and that will not do. If the past three weeks have taught us anything, it’s that the Australian public holds very firm and passionate views about its birdlife.

The results will be announced at 7.45am by Birdlife’s Sean Dooley on ABC news breakfast, as well as here on this blog and through Periscope and Facebook Live because this is the most exciting thing to happen at the Guardian Australia offices for several months and we will not play it cool.

Grab a coffee, take a recording of the birdsong outside your window and post it on Twitter, and let’s settle in to see the results. You can follow along with the #BirdOfTheYear hashtag on the social media of your choice, tweet us at @GuardianAus, and tweet me at @callapilla.

Yes, my avatar is a cassowary. That’s not a giveaway.

Let the countdown begin.

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